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9/14/2015 Game Night

This game night will be a time to meet other people in AWM in a fun and relaxed setting while playing board games.

11/12/2015 Careers in Academia

The goal of this panel is to inform students about what a career in academia involves and what career options are available at institutions of higher education. It will also provide information about the process of getting an education to be eligible for such a career (i.e., graduate school) and obtaining a job afterwards.

The schedule is as follows:

3:30-4:00 Graduate school in mathematics

4:00-4:20 What a career in academia is like (and what the options are)

4:20-4:45 Pizza (sponsored by the Department of Mathematics!)

4:45-5:15 Getting a job in academia

While everyone is welcome to any session, the first is aimed at undergraduates interested in attending a graduate program in mathematics and the last is aimed at graduate students who will be on the job market within the next few years. Feel free to come and go. Pizza will be provided, and this will be your opportunity to speak with the panelists.

Bring questions, a notebook and your math friends!

12/01/2015 Grant Writing Panel

If you plan on a career in academia or industry, odds are you will have to write a grant proposal at some point in your lifetime. Come hear some of our most well-funded faculty give tips for applying to grants, and what opportunities are out there for you.

Also, if you are a first year, you have a chance to get fully funded for the remainder of your graduate school. Come hear a recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship talk about his experiences with the process and how to make your application stand out.

3:30-3:50 Zach Valdez on NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
3:50-4:10 Free Pizza
4:10-4:30 Panel on NSF Postdoctoral Research Grants and general grant writing tips.

2/25/2016 Luncheon with Dr. Evelyn Lamb

The purpose of this luncheon is to provide students the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from a mathematician (who isn’t one of their teachers) about what life as a mathematician is like. Lunch will be provided by the Department of Mathematics.

As you may know, on February 25 Dr. Evelyn Lamb will be here at Baylor University for the Department of Mathematics “Life Experiences in Mathematics” lecture series. During her presentation (at 4pm), Dr. Lamb will be focusing on her work of writing mathematics, both for mathematicians and the general public. Dr. Lamb has graciously agreed to have a lunch with some students before her presentation. During lunch, she is willing to have a discussion about other “life experiences” she has had including choosing a career path, overcoming challenges, work/life balance, etc.  Please bring questions (as well as your appetite) and be ready for a great discussion.

4/20/2016 Communication Dilemmas, featuring Dr. Kathleen Banchoff

How often do you find yourself in a professional situation where you feel caught flat-footed? When that happens, do you know what to say next? Come, listen and share your dilemmas, and practice finding the right thing to say in those situations. Dr. Kathleen Banchoff will facilitate a discussion where everyone is encouraged to find strategies that will work for you.
Join us for snacks and a lighthearted discussion. Bring questions and your math friends!

Dr. Banchoff holds a Ph. D. in Communication from Ohio State University. She managed marketing and consumer research in several fortune-IOO corporations, and taught at the university-level. A specialist in language analysis, she loves facilitating workshops that focus on communication skills.

Game Night
Careers in Academia
Grant Writing Panel
Luncheon with Dr. Evelyn Lamb
Communication Dilemma
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